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  • Mike of M Pizzolon Construction has over 30 years of experience in custom residential building construction. He began his career in construction building custom homes in the San Francisco area. As his passion grew for the art of building he started his own company specializing in home remodeling. Honesty, integrity, quality and a straightforward approach are essential to his philosophy. His motto: "Beauty Built to Last."

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M Pizzolon home exterior

What Our Clients Say

"Thanks for everything Mike. I'm very grateful to have found you guys. It is really a pleasure working with you."
- Melissa

"I woke up today feelling really grateful for all I have in my life.  I'm calling it Grati-Tuesday!  I just wanted to take this moment to reach out to you and say thank you.  You are a really special person and I appreciate all that you have done for my family.  I hope you have a wonderful day."
- Racheal

"Thank you Maestro (Mike)! I am so impressed by your crew and subcontractors. Honest, clean cut and professional."
- Robert

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