The Homeowners Concern is most important to us

Pizzolon Construction respects the homeowner’s wishes, time and privacy during the entire process of the project. We consider the homeowner’s family life and neighborhood carefully in our project planning.

Note to Homeowners

Depending on your needs, we are always pleased to recommend an Architect or Designer for your project. Our recommendations include San Francisco, Burlingame, San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. We collaborate and recommend professionals to facilitate and streamline the process.

As a homeowner, we know a new build or remodel is a large undertaking and can be stressful at times but it doesn’t have to be. With Pizzolon Construction you have a partner you can trust.

We strive to make the process easy and pleasant from start to finish. We take pride in our customer service which includes transparent and constant communication about your project and all details.

In fact, we will even give you access to our construction project management software that houses the master timeline and all detailed steps in between. Take a look at the software here. This program will also house all of our communications and selections so everything is professionally organized and available in one click.

Please take a look at the project management process we use for each project showing that we respect the homeowner, family, neighborhood and environment.