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Bathrooms might be among the smaller rooms in homes but ask any San Mateo bathroom remodeling contractor and they will tell you that they are one of the most expensive ones to remodel.

The average cost of remodeling a bathroom in San Mateo county averages around $14,000. While this may feel like a steep cost to many, the good news is that bathrooms are also the spaces that tend to add the most value to a home, which means a considerable amount spent on its remodeling can be recovered when the house is sold.

Whether you want to upgrade the look of your house for yourself or resale purposes, the bathroom is always a good place to start.

san mateo bathroom remodeling

San Mateo Bathroom Remodeling - The Ins and Outs

San Matero bath remodeling job involves a myriad of components, including the ones below.  So  plumbing, fixtures, toilets, tubs, sinks and the works so it is extremely important to think this project through.

  • plumbing
  • fixtures
  • toilets
  • tubs
  • sinks
  • faucets
  • countertops
  • light fixtures
  • towel bars
  • floor tile or other covering
  • vanity and vanity top
  • medicine cabinets

Factors To Consider Before Starting A Bathroom Makeover

To be able to get the most out of your bathroom remodeling, you need to be organized and take into consideration numerous factors before embarking on the bathroom renovation journey:

What Are Your Goals: The first thing you need to think over is the purpose of this bathroom remodel project. Are you remodeling your bathroom for resale? Are you doing it to optimize space? Or are you doing it to give your dated bathroom an upgraded look? Your purpose will heavily influence the decisions you make about the changes you want to make and the decor style you choose. Having set goals also helps keep you focused, ensuring you use your resources in all the right places.

What Is Your Budget: It is important to know what you can spend early on. Know what changes you plan to make, identify the capital you have available for this project, and decide on the ideal budget. Knowing your budget beforehand will help you allocate your finances appropriately, keep you on track, and prevent you from going overboard.

Do Your Research: Once you know what needs to be done and how much you can spend on it, it is time to go looking for a remodeling contractor. Here are some of the things you should do:

  • Lookup a few remodeling contractors instead of picking the first one you see.
  • Ask your family and friends for recommendations based on personal experience.
  • Look up customer reviews of the remodeling contractors you meet or ask them for customer references.
  • Look for remodeling contractors who have considerable experience in bathroom remodeling specifically so you know they are capable of dealing with all kinds of bathroom-related issues.
  • Meet up with the contractors and see whose approach and philosophy best matches your requirements and whose quote best suits your budget.

Settle on a contractor only after you have done all the research. Remember that the right contractor can give you the best value for your money and the wrong one can leave you with a poorly remodeled bathroom and oodles of regret.

More Basic Considerations

Remodeling is not something you do everyday, which is why when you are doing it, you might as well consider some basic upgrades,

These are the kind of changes that go well with any goal you may have for your remodeling project.

  • Typically 1.5" pipes are used for drains in residential dwellings. Upgrading to 2" will significantly improve your drainage at an almost negligible cost to you.
  • Shower floors are wet areas. You want to have flooring that makes showering safe. Switch to small tiles as they offer more traction and they are also easier to slop properly, which prevents water from forming puddles.
  • Storage options are universally loved and one never seems to have enough storage space. So, consider what you can add within your budget. It could be adding a linen closet, a few shelves, having recessed shelving in the shower, of if you have the budget and room for it, adding an expanded vanity with drawers.
  • Having more than just the single overhead lighting is a good idea for the bathroom. You might want to consider having both, functional and aesthetic lighting options.
  • Consider upgrading to high-end finishings like: granite or natural stone countertops, subway tile for the walls and porcelain or other tile for the floors.

So, if you are looking to remodel your bathroom, it won't be the cheapest renovation but, done right, it will be one of the most profitable and rewarding remodeling projects.

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